Assurance & Risk

Our assurance and risk professionals have extensive experience working with clients to provide transparent information to stakeholders.  We help you build trust through assuring accurate and complete financial statements and data used by owners, financiers and other organisations to assess and measure governance risk. 

Wealth building is also about risk minimisation, which includes taxation considerations, not just financial enterprise returns. SCA has developed powerful tools for business owners to increase and maximise their wealth building opportunities.

Assurance and Risk

  • Assess reliability of your business data reporting
  • Review effectiveness of internal controls
  • Ensure regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Determine role of management in building risk and control policies 
  • Assess risk appetite, culture and management within the enterprise

Audit and Assurance

  • SMSFAudit
  • Charities Audit
We have been able to build our business strategically and at the same time reduce our risks.
— Leigh Howard Smith, Director
SMSF Auditor. Registered with ASIC. Stephen Crouch — #100223023

SMSF Auditor. Registered with ASIC.
Stephen Crouch — #100223023